About BlueStack-Micro+ and MMDVM

Lately I discovered that the board did reset during operation of MMDVM-host. It seems the same line that resets the radio-board for uploading new firmware is toggled sometimes. Several solutions to solve this are available, and one of them I removing the wire after firmware-update. In some cases it could be handy to put a small switch inline with this wire, but still, it is some extra thing to do when a new update of firmware comes out.

While the production of the new pcb’s has gone  to high, I decided to have a small modification in the processor on the BlueStack-Micro+. This does not mean you have a bad board, but it saves connecting/disconnecting the wire after firmware-update. Please note, this processor-update is only useful when the USB

is used as MMDVM-interface, Bluetooth has no issues with this!



The new boards that are sent will have a timer inside, which allows the board to run as firmware-updater for approximately 1 minute. After the time expires, the reset to the radio-board will be disabled.

Buy the boards here: http://www.combitronics.nl


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