BlueStack, Blue-Spot, what is this about?

Guess most of you heard HAM’s working with Blue-Spot (written by David, PA7LIM), and talk about the nice options it has. Lately a HAM from the Netherlands created a great set of photo’s that do explain how things are connected up. Difficult? No not really, there is minor settings to be done in the app and on your phone, and you can be online in 5 minutes after unpacking the device. Instruction video here!┬áBy Pa3PM












What do you need to do?

1: power the BlueStack-Micro(+)
2: Pair the unit with your phone. It shows up as BlueStack, pin 1234.
3: make sure the switch is out (+ model only)
4: Start the App BlueSpotDV, and verify the settings.


Buy the boards here:

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