BlueStack1 available now!

As we are releasing BlueSpotDV soon, the boards to make the magic happen is available now. Just like it’s small brother (blueStack-Micro and BlueStack-micro+), it makes your cellphone the mobile hotspot you have been waitinh for!!

Just take the UNO or Megaboard, and place this board on top. Then just place the dual-bandradio ( on top. Once you loaded the latest firmware for this BlueSpotDV, you will be able to pair your smartphone with it, and do nice QSO’s on DMR and D-Star.

The board has a few connections available:

  • DC-jack, which powers all boards, use this to make sure you have low-loss/low-heat regulation.
  • 3-screw-terminal-strip. Connect a switch to the strip to make it switch on/off. 1:NC, 2:C, 3:NO
  • RJ11 external battery-connection. BluePack will come soon as well, high capacity battery-pack to feed all units!
  • Download the Firmware Here!
  • Buy the board Here!
  • User manual Here!

Connecting Bluetooth, select device BlueStack, and use pin: 1234



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