Bringing new updates for the DVMEGA-Cast

Many people already noticed, as they are registered users of the Cast. We have another update that just came out yesterday!

So first things first.. What does registered user mean?
It only means your radio’s serialnumber/servicecode is connected to your email-address. No other things are noted, and no spam will be sent.
Why register?
If you register your unit, we will provide all updates tailored for your personal device. You will receive the update files that will only work in YOUR unit only. We also send info in the same email about the new manual etc.

So now that has been cleared, what has been updated?

There were some dropouts in audio when connected to a ‘bad’ server. In the processing of the voice packets we improved the buffer, handling, and recovery of the audio stream (both DMR and DSTAR).
If you read the latest manual you will also note that there is now also a function that gives you the option to dim the LED in the speaker.
As Pi-star resets itself every 24 hours by design, we also implemented the powerstatus of the unit. It will no longer switch on automatically once pi-star resets itself.

Here you can find the latest manual for the DVMEGA-Cast.

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