Introducing ‘El Rojo’

Today things just got better, a lot of things seem to work out fine. Just like some amateurs amongst us, I have been dreaming to buy this nice red sportscar, it’s just the damn budget!
That is why we introduce the new high-end housing named ‘El Rojo’. Yes it is red like the famous cars!
So now you want to know what is so special about this? What is so ‘high-end’?
As we have been using a different type of filament provided by ColorFabb, we can now say that this box can handle higher temperatures, and is made of one of the most advanced technologies in materials.
The material NGEN, as it almost says, is the next generation of plastics, invented by a dutch company in cooperation with ColorFabb.

So here it is, shiny and new, technology, passion, combined with force: ‘El Rojo’.el rojo

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