Building the next generation : BlueStacK!

Last couple of weeks all elektronic circuits have been tested, and proven to be ok. Now the time has come to finetune the diagrams, and design the circuitboards.

What to expect?

Well just follow the blogs here, and you’ll be amazed what stuff will come out, and I do not mean my stuff only!

Project1: Bluetooth connectivity to cell-phone with a nice new app of PA7LIM. The board designed for this has a few nice extra’s. 1: Bluetooth module integrated, 2: Low-heat voltage-regulator so we don’t have hot boards anymore. 3: stack your repeater-board, or GMSK on top, the board fits in between Arduino and other hardware designed by Guus, PE1PLM. 4: Connection to a battery-pack with integrated charger. Add massive power to your repeater or AMBE.

Project2: Same as project 1, but has extra’s like a full control-unit for audio, led’s as indicators, and option to use a yeasu or Icom microphone. Send DTMF to control your connection, which you also can with the dtmf-project.

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