Monthly Archives: March 2016

BlueStack, Blue-Spot, what is this about?

Guess most of you heard HAM’s working with Blue-Spot (written by David, PA7LIM), and talk about the nice options it has. Lately a HAM from the Netherlands created a great set of photo’s that do explain how things are connected up. Difficult? No not really, there is minor settings to be done in the app […]

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BlueStack-Micro and BlueStack-Micro+ Available now!

Hi All, Finally the first boards are in production. BlueStack-Micro is its name. David, PA7LIM is writing new software, an app to supportĀ  multiple platforms on android OS. To have compatible hardware, this little board will be the first to be released in a series of 3. BlueStack Micro, a board that fits the PI-radio […]

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BlueStack1 available now!

As we are releasing BlueSpotDV soon, the boards to make the magic happen is available now. Just like it’s small brother (blueStack-Micro and BlueStack-micro+), it makes your cellphone the mobile hotspot you have been waitinh for!! Just take the UNO or Megaboard, and place this board on top. Then just place the dual-bandradio ( on […]

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