Some nice testing on BlueDV for Windows.

Today I did some testing on the 4500 reflector, via the dutch  master  2042. That does not really sound to weird, as I am a Dutch HAM. However today I was able to use this configuration on an internetlink of 100k up, 256k down, in the city of Neiva, Colombia! I had some nice conversations with PD0VOS, and PD3EEF, also Tom, PA2TSL came in the group, and we exchanged some nice info on what we were using. Anyway, I can tell we had flawless communication, on a very weak internet connection, had low BER, and all of that on the same link where Skype could not achieve a reliable connection!!

Compliments to David, PA7LIM, and Guus, PE1PLM, for making such reliable and good software!!!BlueDVMore info on the app:

Hardware for use with this great software can be found on

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